Scavolini’s Flux Kitchen

Innovatively designed, high-tech, ergonomic, versatile and multifunctional: Scavolini‘s Flux kitchen combines the need for an innovative kitchen concept with the requirement of modularity typical of an industrial product.  Curved cabinets, original kitchen layouts and trendy shades or classic wooden finishes make Flux entirely distinctive.  Better yet, the kitchen conept exudes functionality: from its overall layout to the ergonomic opening systems.

Flux. Designed by Scavolini.

Rather than adopting the standard box-like form of kitchen cabinets, the storage elements for Flux are curved and dynamic; and their shape is enhanced by the contrast between the more austere and linear appliance (including the tall refrigerator and oven system).  The storage modules do away with the traditional opening systems in favor of more ergonomic options: large pull-out baskets for the lower units and flap down doors for the upper cabinets. In terms of layout, Flux has introduced a highly original work-station that concentrates all the most specifically “working” functions in a round island, separate from the kitchen itself.  Formatted as a circular cooking zone, it includes a base unit with a revolving basket and cylindrical hood with mat black lacquered wings.

scavolini flux-large2

scavolini flux-large3

scavolini flux-large4

“Flux is the fruit of the exclusive project we have created, not by starting from a structured stylistic premise, but by following our own unmistakable way of thinking, of designing, of being: an initial drawing with a futuristic spirit has led to the creation of this new kitchen for contemporary, trendy environments, with soft, sinuous lines”. explains Giugiaro Design.  “Having designed the initial layout of the modules, we worked in two different yet compatible directions, breaking down the new concept into a ‘hi-tech’ version and a ‘wooden’ version.”  The former features gloss lacquered doors in trendy shades such as pale grey, metallic purple or red (similarly to the eye-popping colors of Häcker-Küchen’s 1090) while the latter introduces a more classic, warmer aesthetic through a smooth wood veneer.  Satin finish metal handles complete either look.

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