At #NeoConEast: Power up with KI Furnishing and Legett and Platt’s eCoupled Wireless Technology

Just when I’d gotten used to the rapid evolution of the King’s English into tech-happy terms like “Rams,” “Gigabytes,” “B2B,” and “Baby Bluetooth” (even “Wireless” posed its problems for me), along comes Fulton Innovation Partner Legett and Platt, “a diversified manufacturer that conceives, designs and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products”; not the least of which is their recent “e-coupled wireless power,” a proprietary technology that—in addition to creating a new coinage soon to inhabit every corner of the American lexicon—posits a stupendous alteration to the environment of electronics.

eCoupled Wireless Power Technology. Designed by KI.

So what exactly is “eCoupled technology?” And how is it affecting KI furnishings for the better? For the techie-nerds out there, it’s “a leveraging of the physics of near-field inductive coupling combined with communications and control properties—made available by microprocessor technology—to build advanced intelligence solutions and proprietary algorithms.” To the rest of us mere mortals, it’s the promise of life without cords, without the perpetual frustrations of dead batteries and cell phone downtime, without the lost productivity (and lost space) that results from the constant need to re-juice our components. Legett and Platt explains it thusly: “Typically, you arrive home to plug in your phone, PDA, MP3 player, camera, and laptop to charge. We see a different world… Imagine your portable electronics all sharing multiple surfaces throughout your kitchen, living room, office and car, exchanging data and charging without the adaptors, without the wires which are the keys to eCoupled technology and real wireless power.”




Imagine, indeed: the promise of eCoupled technology is a true Brave New World. One in which every room of your house is populated by electronics that “talk” to one another, that automatically (and without user effort of any kind) receive the optimum level of power based on usage patterns, that never need charging, never short out. If you’re among the fortunate few who can decipher the tech-speak above, than you know exactly how this Brave New World works. If—like me—you are not, the best I can do to explain is say that this technology promises a centralized source of power (a new age fountain of youth, if you will) that transmits its golden rays to any approved sources whenver and wherever, and in whatever form said sources happen to take. This means griddle, range, toaster, coffee maker, tv, stereo, radio, lamp, mp3, PDA, camera, laptop, and—yes—cell phone receive their power sans effort from you. And that (in addition to eliminating unsightly infrastructure) is a safe, green, quiet, and tremendously versatile solution to the unprecedented and exponentially-increasing electronics demands of 2009 and beyond.

Looking for your weekly fix of technological innovation. Check out Legett and Platt’s eCoupled wireless power integrated with alluring KI furnishings at #NEOCONEAST in Baltimore, October 28-29.

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