At #NeoConEast: Allermuir’s Jaks Modular Seating

You likely played it as a child – or at least know of it. Ja(c)ks has long been an informal game of pick-up (played with pieces referred to as Jacks and a rubber ball), and is now a new component of commercial furniture manufacturer Allemuir’s expansive collection. John Coleman designed this informal modular seating solution for Allermuir, taking advantage of the association with its graphic-cross shape (derived from the playing piece’s six tips- at right angles to one another), and play.

Jaks. Designed by John Coleman for Allermuir.

Allemuir will introduce this game-driven design at NeoCon East this week, the design exposition and conference for the mid-atlantic design community. Now in its 7th year NeoCon East begins this Wednesday – with live coverage from 3Rings. Jaks consists of several components, all of which can stand alone or serve as elements within larger, interlocking units. The iconic cross-shape provides distinct seating for four or serves as a means of connecting and expanding into a larger configuration.   A square soft seating component fits within the negative space created by the cross, as does the small table, of the same size.  Users can reconfigure the components to better suit their needs, moving them around like game pieces. From lobby seating to school settings – the simple forms can provide a flexible seating option fit for a variety of spaces.  Frames are finished in polished chrome while a the pieces can be upholstered in a wide range of contract quality fabrics or leathers.




Allemuir’s relatively new soft seating collection also includes Bison, designed by renowned designer Simon Pengelly.  It is “a highly stylish and distinctive contemporary tub chair design with characterful broad shoulders and a compact footprint.”  The chair offers a very different, more independent and seating option than the communal Jaks system.  Regardless, it too offers bold color options and contemporary aesthetics.

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