AArevalo & Melorriaga’s Stealth Chandelier

Hundreds of mini stealth lights and over three kilometres of fiber optics, AArevalo & Melorriaga’s stealth chandelier brings the concept (and reality) of of ‘light as energy’ to the forefront. It exudes dynamicism, “’Stealth’ captures that moment during an explosion of structure where there is beauty in the chaotic.” according to the designer. Antonio Arévalo launched his own company AArevalo at last years 100% Design London and introduced his Stealth light, a single hanging pendant.

Stealth Chandelier. Designed by AArevalo & Melorriaga.

At this year’s 100% Design London, he showed the Stealth chandelier, taking the pendant design a step further.  Each stealth light is composed from a single plane of smooth Perspex and folded into an origami-like pyramid. Light bursts through the slits within the forms to create the ‘explosive’ aesthetic Aarevalo sought. Perspex is a (paintable) transparent thermoplastic has been used as a work surface by artists such as Salvador Dalí. For applications such as the Stealth light, the exterior coating (unknown) can provide scratch resistance and other beneficial properties.

aarevalo chandelier-large

aarevalo chandelier-large2

aarevalo chandelier-large3

aarevalo chandelier-bottom-large

The designer has strong beliefs regarding the importance of product names, and is obviously not afraid to be somewhat evocative. “The names that you give to products support the character behind that product. They are incredibly important. If you were to call everything Product 01, or Product 02, you would miss out an enormous amount of character that each product embodies or deserves.” However fitting, the association (and connotation) of the term stealth with stealth bomber planes could be considered rather aggressive. “But my feeling toward Stealth is that it is capturing a moment of movement, something that you wouldn’t usually be able to pin down, something mysterious but sophisticated.”  Arévalo explains, “As you view the lampshade from different angles the bulb is concealed and then revealed, evoking the idea of intelligent movement that has captured a unique instant of form.”
Aarevalo is a new and exciting company “that brings you exclusive and distinctive contemporary lighting and home accessories.”

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