Set the Mood Lighting with Lutron’s LED Vierti Dimmer

The Vierti LED Dimmer by Lutron Electronics represents a timely innovation in the look and functionality of light level controls. And I, for one, find myself reflecting–with a bit of shock and no little amount of awe— on the past sad neglect of the potential of this architectural detail. Earlier incarnations of dimmer switches revolve around the banal circular knob (I’m gazing woefully across the room at one as I type), whose uninspired aesthetic is rivaled only by its dubious functionality. Well—as the infomercial might say—say goodbye to those useless old dimmers!

Vierti LED Dimmer. Designed by Lutron Electronics.

Lutron’s answer to the singular requirements of fluctuation in illumination recognizes that every room is different, and that light conditions change with time of day, mood, and decor, not to mention with the perpetual wildcard of personal preference. Vierti’s touch panel LED dimmer facilitates the most minute adjustments at the merest touch: simply glide a finger across the display and the light levels respond instantly, while the LED indicator jumps to the chosen spot to reflect the new level of illumination (the visual effect is rather like the movement of mercury in a thermometer).





In addition to an increased range of illumination, Vierti’s Dimmer boasts several smart features: One Touch Off (the lowermost LED glows in soft amber when the lights are out, thus doubling as an unobtrusive night light); One Touch On (room reverts to the last chosen light level); and At Rest Mode (the LEDs fade to a subtler shade, thus signaling that the level has not been changed recently).

These are all welcome additions, but perhaps the most anticipated feature of Vierti is its aesthetic sensibility, manifest in its range of LED colors (blue, green, or white), as well as its cornucopia of wallplate styles, which includes finishes in Matte, Architectural Metal, or Anodized Aluminum, and 21 colors—from a subdued light almond to a classic antique bronze and on to a contemporary black aluminum. Like aesthetic compatriots Keep It Cartesian and Time Switch, Vierti recognizes that details like the simple dimmer or switchplate do indeed matter, and that aficionados of good design will always notice the little things.

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