Lounge from Dusk till Dawn with Urquiola’s Night and Day Seating System for Molteni&C

The ubiquitous Urquiola (Patricia, that is) is back once again. Lately familiar to readers of this blog for her psychedelic Rift Collection and her millennial Digitable Table, the famed Spanish designer forays into the modular sphere with Night & Day for Molteni&C. Intended as a winsome addition to an exponentially expanding roster of space-saving/transformable furnishings, Night & Day, so says its Italian manufacturer, is “a seating system based on the theme of versatility, the interpretation of spaces through new innovative solutions. Irony, comfort, taste, imagination and rationality come together.”

Day and Night. Designed by Patricia Uraquiola manufactured by Molteni&C.

Now, that may be quite a lot of adjectival interjection for a single piece, but the multiple personalities of Night & Day give the truth to the hyperbole. Courtesy of a collection of interlocking platforms and curved headboards/sofa backs of varying length and width, N/D facilitates multiple and varied incarnations, or, in Molteni&C’s parlance, “interpretation of spaces.” The upshot is that the platforms and backs can be arranged to create sofas, chaises, divans, or single beds (or double beds, if the twin sleepers aren’t averse to a center “island,” or storage space/night table). And Urquiola has also designed a series of accompanying accessories (appended folding tables, storage bins, and pillows) to encourage yet more personalization and creativity.




With its dual personalities—and in all truth, the possible multiform arrangements make N/D downright schizophrenic, in a good way—Urquiola’s protean piece makes a worthy counterpart to work like The Mr. Hyde Sofa, The Party Lounge, and Clei’s Atoll Wall Bed, each of which profess and express multiple identities and multiple intelligent uses. But one advantage of Night and Day over fixed/heavier pieces is its portability: N/D’s lightweight construction encourages the multiple reconfigurations/disassemblies that are its prime aspiration. Just so, Night and Day contributes a novel element to the growing market for modularity. Because of Urquiola’s singular ingenuity, you can now have your sofa/divan/chaise/bed/storage system and sleep in it too.

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