Live at #IIDEX09: The Haworth Planes Adjustable Height Table

If you happen to read my posts at least once in a while, then you know how I suffer from neck and back pain. Yes, it’s true—just doing my job bringing you important news about A+D products makes me suffer. Gigantic knots in the trapezius muscles, pain in the middle of my spinal column, throbbing in my lower back—I do it all for you. Ignoring the aforementioned martyrdom, I do have considerable trouble when I work long hours at the computer. And my new hero is undoubtedly the adjustable height table (along with the Generation and Embody Chairs).

Planes Adjustable Height Table. Designed by Haworth.

It took some time getting the idea to come around, but I think the adjustable height table is finding its stride. People like me everywhere (not young enough to be devoid of pain) are realizing that they need to change the way they work. So, sit on an exercise ball or a task chair, stand up straight, or settle on a bar stool—work in any position you want, at any height, for any length of time. Just throw out your old, bad office chairs. In fact, I think we should institute a new holiday dedicated to ergonomics. Perhaps January 1 would be the perfect day to dedicate to proper body alignment at work. It’d be great if we could also get revenge on our bosses by making them sit in our badly designed, old office chairs. But enough of my dreaming.



Haworth has taken notice of our physical needs. Their Planes Adjustable Height Table won NeoCon Gold in 2009 and continues to attract the attention of workers everywhere who need a break. The Planes Tables “include six mechanisms, including incremental, crank, torsion and three ranges of electric.” The newest ergonomic research went into the Planes Tables, “designed for specific human needs such as low back pain.” Thank you, Haworth! Worktops come in laminate or veneer with a standard or green core. Bases come in all standard Haworth colors. The Planes Adjustable Height Tables work in conjunction with the Planes Collection of office furniture, allowing you to maintain “visual consistency” at work. Haworth Design Studio succeeded brilliantly in marrying form and function. See the Planes Tables at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2009—and try them out at every height. Go ahead and broaden your routine—your body will thank you for it!

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