DishDrawer Puts Dishwashing within Reach

The dishwasher has been causing as many problems for as long as it’s been solving them. It’s hard to remember if the dishes are clean or dirty; it’s hard to turn it on if it’s only half full; it’s hard to open the heavy drawers; it’s hard to talk above the rumbling noise; and so on. But now these problems have all been solved thanks to the DishDrawer by Fisher and Paykel. These convenient little dishwashers can be installed in pairs or alone. They are lightweight enough that the small dishwashing units open as easily as any other kitchen drawer.

DishDrawer. Designed by Fisher and Paykel.

The dishwashers come in EZKleen stainless steel, although they can be fitted in almost any finish, from wood to laminates, “so whether your kitchen is traditional, country or simplistically modern, your integrated DishDrawer® will all but disappear, beautifully.” Thanks to the double units, you can use each drawer for different purposes, making the cleaning process energy-efficient. Put delicate wine glasses in one drawer and heavy pots and pans in the other: “Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer® lets you match the wash program to the type of load, there is no compromise.” If you have limited space, the Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer can be installed as a single unit, providing the option of a dishwashing appliance to even the smallest apartments and homes. And the individual DishDrawer fits 6 dinner plates, 6 dessert plates, 6 bowls, 6 saucers, 6 sets of cutlery, and 6 cups—so everyone can have a dinner party without slaving over the sink. The small components also mean energy efficiency. You will use less water with the smaller loads (“using as little as 1.98 gallons of water or 2.4 gallons on average for the Normal cycles”).





Besides all these benefits, the DishDrawer also has some fabulous features. You can change the water temperature and the water pressure; adjust the concealed control panels with single touch programming; and watch the progress of the cycle and time remaining. Even though the DishDrawers are small and convenient, they hold up to 13” plates, so the appliance performs a sleight-of-hand. Fisher and Paykel has accomplished something great on so many fronts with the DishDrawer—as a dynamic duo or a super solo act.

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