Claus Mølgaard and Ole Jensen’s We Are Family Sofa

Reconceptualizing the sofa bed? Convenient and convertible; “We are family” applies the multi-functional feature of a sofa bed to the mantra “form follows function”. The result doesn’t rely on levers, pulls or man-power. Its simple form takes the back-to-basics approach, literally melding the sofa and bed in a non-technological way. Designed by engineer Claus Mølgaard and designer Ole Jensen, We are Family consists of a stack of mattresses, pillows and blankets that can quickly be spread out onto the floor, providing sleeping accommodations for up to 6 people, or stacked inside a bamboo frame to serve as an everyday sofa.

We are Family. Designed by Claus Mølgaard and Ole Jensen.

In the late night hours, after potential alcohol consumption, pulling out the aerobed, pillow and sheets always seems like a more challenging  task.   Jensen’s disregard for the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, made assembling and making up a bed for unexpected overnight guests much simpler. From student dorms to small apartments, We are Family, with its endless applications, provides for unexpected overnight parties (and guests) anywhere. Since most of us have slept on our own sofa from time to time, infatuated with a movie or simply too lazy to move, we’re likely to experience its benefits even more directly.




The sofa is made from un-refined bamboo and cotton, in keeping with the functional and comfort-based design.   Its development was made possible in collaboration with The Technical University of Denmark, Anji Bamboo Technical Center in China and the manufacturer of cotton mattresses, Innovation Randers A/S.

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