Bakery Group’s Pixel Light for Kundalini

Pixelation is a recurring theme in contemporary design: from pixel-printed fabric and pixelated perforations to pixel-perfect mosaics. A pixel is any of the small, discrete elements that together constitute an image (according to Merriam Webster) and the images themselves have ranged from summer trees and dark waters to computerized cubism. In the case of Bakery Group’s Pixel for Kundalini, the image is yours to create. The new lamp is modular and compact; it’s individual “pixels” can be likened to Tetris pieces, made to fit together and lock into place.

Pixel. Designed Bakery Group for Kundalini.

‘Pixel’ is a mounted light which can be used on the wall or ceiling and diffuses light through a roto-moulded polyethylene shade which is fixed to a varnished metal structure. Similar to Tetris Tiles, the puzzle-like components can be fitted together and arranged in any configuration of your choosing. They act like wall art, creating a compact wall print or a sprawling mural. The fact that they light up is almost just an added bonus.  Pixel, according to Bakery Group, is a further development of the “cloud” custom fixture designed for School Libraries PS 246, 86, 46, 94 in the Bronx in 2004.  Cloud is defined by its amoeba-like shapes suspended from the ceiling.  Pixel breaks this down into rectilinear forms capable of (and inviting) a multitude of lighting configurations.   




Introduced at the tail end of 2008, Pixel has already won the prestigious Osram Design Contest for CFLi (Compact Fluorescent Lighting). Its “eco-compatibility , the creative strength and the good luminous diffusion” enabled Pixel to take home the second-place prize.

Boontje’s Bejeweled Boxes for Bisazza to Yves Behar’s Pixel Burst and Patricia Urquiola’s Digitable for B&B Italia all exemplify the pixelation craze within the world of art and design.  Bakery Group’s Pixel has applied this theme to lighting.  For a similar product, check out Karim Rashid’s Trex for iTre which combines a heat-formed acrylic diffuser with two lamp options.  It too exemplifies wall-mounted modular lighting design.

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