Vitsoe’s Limited Reissue of Dieter Ram’s 621 Table for Vitsoe

Whenever you move, whether it be switching apartments or cities, there’s a necessary reorganization of furniture. You can’t simply transplant your pieces to another space and have them fit and function as desired. Thus, small versatile pieces seem particularly valuable: they will never end up in storage or worse yet, at the curb. Dieter Ram’s 621 side tables, originally commissioned in 1962 and not produced since the 1980s, are back – but for a limited time.

621 Table. Designed by Dieter Rams and reissued by Vitsoe.

Vitsoe (the furniture company best known for its Rams-designed modular shelving system) is releasing the last 50 in celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary, to be sold in their original packaging. “Good design is as little design as possible.” stated the celebrated designer.  The 621 side table was part of Rams and Vitsoe’s investigation into new plastics (think Vico Magistretti and Mario Bellini). “Both Niels Vitsœ and Dieter Rams saw the innovations in plastics in the ‘50s and ‘60s as the perfect opportunity to investigate a new functionality and versatility in furniture, creating pure, unobtrusive and timeless designs.” The table is made of foam-injection-molded polysyrol – now referred to as high-impact polystyrene. Durable and hard yet remarkably light – it can withstand the less-than-delicate handling by movers (sometimes bordering assault or brutality).  



The table can be used in one of two ways: upright or on its side. In its upright position, the table sits shorter to the ground; on its side it is both taller and has the ability to slip under and over other pieces.  It was originally sold in two different finishes (black and off-white) and in two different sizes. “Both the high and low tables can be used in a number of ways and combinations or as a stand alone piece.” Vitsoe will release the last 50 tables (in both finishes) priced at £195 (high) and £175 (low) via their online shop from 4 September from 12pm UK time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

You can sign up for the company’s newsletter to be alerted as soon as the tables are available on the website.  Your last chance at this little bit of design history…

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