Mytto’s Mirtillo

Mirtillo is an anomaly.  Geometrically driven and skillfully detailed, it exudes timelessness and elegance.  Its smooth lemon-citron or gradient raspberry lacquer finish give it prominence and edginess.  The sideboard was designed by Pedro Ferreira for Mytto, a company that designs and produces luxury furnishings from fine leather furniture and desk accessories to luggage, handbags, lamps and mirrors.  The emerging design firm exemplifies Portugal’s status as a growing force in the field of furniture design.

Mirtillo. Designed by Mytto.


The studio is defined by skilled and knowledgeable artisans constantly researching and experimenting with design and materials.  “Reclaiming and rethinking the luxury of utility, design for a polymathic man that invokes a passion for knowledge, research and innovation in the Arts & Crafts.”  Quality, creativity and a strong personality; their work is  not surprisingly gaining recognition worldwide.   The UK's Icon Magazine, Thailand's Attitude, Brazil's Casa Claudia and Portugal's FOCUS magazine have taken notice of the design studio.  Following their success at Zona Tortona in Milan this past April, Mytto flew to the USA for ICFF.  They describe their work as "timeless and sustainable beauty with substance and emotion";  we concur.

mirtillo - large

Mirtillo. Designed by Mytto.

mirtillo - ICFF - large

Mirtillo, featured at ICFF. Designed by Mytto.

mirtillo - ICFF - large2

Mirtillo, featured at ICFF. Designed by Mytto.

Mytto’s storage pieces, including the Sotto armoire and the Mirtillo sideboard, are characterized by the use of luxurious and exotic materials.  Mirtillo features a smooth lacquered finish in a bold color (either lemon-citron or a gradient raspberry); using three types of ink to enhance its lines.  The Sotto armoire can be made from leather, stamped in a crocodile pattern or in a mauve high-lacquer finish with polished mosaic tiles as trim.  “Grappa”, Mytto's dining table with an x-shaped base that flows into four legs, exemplifies the studio's use of exotic wood.  "We will always use the highest qualities of materials combined with ancient knowledge,” the studio explains.

If you're not ready for the bold sheen of Mirtillo, check out Red and Grey Sideboard, designed by Corey Springer of Wüd Furniture Design, a Brooklyn based furniture designer, “a sophisticated blend of striking Red Gum and Pb-R.”   

Posted August 17, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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