Arwa’s Twinflex: Flexible Plumbing Fixtures with Color

“Water, exactly where you need it.”  The flexible spout bends and moves into its desired position, remaining in place until further readjustment.  The high-quality and durable synthetic PVC sheath contains the inner layers and provides Twinflex, a modern kitchen faucuet, with its staggeringly good looks. A flexible metal hose, contained within the PVC sheath, defines the form and conceals the synthetic water bearing hose.  Fashioned from these three layers, the spout itself (along with the head containing the aerator) can be turned through 360° for maximum flexibility.

Twinflex fixture. Designed by Florin Baeriswyl for Arwa.

 Flexible, functional and fun; Zurich-based designer Florin Baeriswyl, with his Twinflex faucet for Arwa, melds classic modern design with contemporary aesthetics. Rather than attempting to disguise the flexible spout within a sleek chrome column, as in  Brizo’s Belo Faucet and Kohler’s Karbon Faucet, the PVC is front and center – serving as the celebratory and distinguishing element of the design.   The chrome finish can be coordinated with a bright orange, pigeon-blue, beige-grey or black PVC spout; Twinflex can fit in with modern décor. 



Arwa Twinflex is outfitted with features to enhance its convenience, hygiene, safety as well as contribute to the conservation movements. The temperature limiter is a safety and energy conservation feature whereas the flow limiter helps conserve water.  The flow and temperature controls are clearly delineated and the system is hygienically sealed at all operating lever positions – contributin to the convenience and hygienic properties of the design.  The operating lever of the built-in faucets with high-level spouts can be positioned at the right, left or frontally.  “The integrated spherical cap allows in-built mixers to be fitted vertically, even with inclined support surfaces.”

Whether you choose to play it safe and subtle with the black or beige-grey PVC or to add a splash of color with pigeon-blue or orange, Twinflex’s modern and sophisticated design will add fun and functionality to your kitchen.  Arwa Twinflex is a winner of the Good Design Award as well as the Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best 2008”.  It has also been featured on Interior Design Magazine’s “New Products“.

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