Weekly Wrap-up: New Storage Systems with Spirit

Thanks to a slew of creative young minds and forward-thinking companies, entertainment systems, vanities, credenzas, and wall storage units now appreciate the the sort of high design attention once only afforded to statement-making chairs and stop-dead-in-your-tracks lighting concepts. In the week’s wrap-up profiling new product designs demonstrating both invention and spirit, we think it safe to say that these objects are as covetable as the personal treasures you’d put away inside them.

Library. Designed by Kevin Krumnikl.

1. What better way to achieve a pixelated effect that with tile? The historic tradition of mosaic creation meets a digitized credenza with Tord Boontje’s Night Vision Commode for tile powerhouse Bisazza.


Night Vision Commode. Designed by Tord Boontje for Bisazza.

2. Leave it to design world enfant terrible Mathieu Lehanneur to make a successful play on those ubiquitous street meat carts fixed on every corner. The result? Delicious, a mobile storage unit in multiple colors that might just improve the hot dog’s reputation.


Delicious. Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur.

3. A new name to us here at 3rings is up-and-coming designer Kevin Krumikl, the designer behind Library, a low coffee table boasting neatly sliced voids for storing books and magazines that integrates editorial design into the furniture itself. Very cool indeed.


Library. Designed by Kevin Krumnikl.

4. It has only been in the last few years that the bathroom’s bad rep is experiencing somewhat of a turnaround. For a richly colored and elegant vanity to stand the test of time, check out Lacava’s Flou Vanity.


Flou Vanity. Manufactured by Lacava.

5. Though a serious departure from the way you and I might typically categorize storage products, I couldn’t help but chuckle at how designer Olivia Decaris’ Drop Series lighting concept effectively does this. Part gargantuan chandelier, part pod for people, I’d definitely consider storing myself for a temporary mid-day sojourn.


Drop Series. Designed by Olivia Decaris.

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