Weekly Wrap-up: Designs that Pack a Color Punch

This week on 3rings witnessed an unusual bump up in the design color quotient, a welcome reminder that yes, the summer may be almost halfway over but that doesn’t mean that our products are going to stop having a bit of fun. Two lighting series, one table and an outdoor lounger by exciting new talent made the cut this week – a roundup of product designs that we feel embody the colorful energy of the summer mood and evidence that there is no limit to creative ideas that span the globe.

Kanutos Lounge. Designed by Victor Monserrate.

1. While there are lot of different genres of design that excite me, I confess to a soft spot for product designs with a sense of humor. TOBYhouse’s hence caught my eye my eye immediately when I encountered this design house’s colorful Beach Ball Lamp Shade. Both “light”-hearted (I love a good pun) and light-emitting, this would fit perfectly in that fictional beach cabana I’ve always dreamed I will one day own.


Beach Ball Lamp Shade. Manufactured by TOBYhouse.

2. Lab31 comes up with all sorts of brightly hued and crazy inventions, most notably of late is the set of semi-conceptual CANE tables which swaps out your average tabletop with a transparent, cane-patterned tablecloth surface that looks as though there might be material supporting it underneath.


CANE Collection. Manufactured by Lab31.

3. For whatever reason, neon lighting seems to fallen out of design world fashion (seriously the only creator I can call to mind who uses it the artist Tracy Emin). Fortunately designer Roger Borg gives us what we’ve lost with his phophorescent, moody series of Modern Neon Lamps.


Modern Neon Lamps. Designed by Roger Borg.

4. An inveterate fan of the Sao Paolo-based duo the Campana Brothers, we were jazzed to learn that they are incubating the young and promising talent of Victor Monserrate, maker of the dramatic and vibrant Kanutos Lounge.


Kanutos Lounge. Designed by Victor Monserrate.

That’s it for this week. Up next week: A clever mirror, a special re-edition of Pierre Paulin, another tasty selection of contemporary products for the bathroom and designs to salivate over by important names new and old!

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