Novello’s Love Project: A Singular, Sinuously-shaped Bathroom Statement

Clothing has long been a canvas for self expression: a means of promoting political candidates as seen last fall with shirts that read “Vote for OBAMA” or a means of promoting oneself, “I’m a good book. Wanna curl up with me?” Bathrooms hadn’t taken to this trend until recently – Novello’s Love project, designed by Arter & Citton, promotes “LOVE” all around.

Love project. Designer by Arter & Citton for Novello.

Love project was presented at ISH 2009 in Frankfurt. “The peculiarity of this collection is the silhouette created by the continuity of the bathtub and the wash-basin. The bathtub can be placed on the right or left side of the wash-basin but could also stand alone in the middle of the room or adjacent to the wall.” according to the company. The freestanding bathtub and washbasin are realized in Cristalplant, as with Falper’s Scoop bathtub, and the shower tray in Corian (see Ernestomeda’s Solaris for another look at the potential of this material).   The name of the project is derived from the mirror and shower tray, inscribed and illuminated by the word “LOVE”.



The collection seems most fitting for the infamous Japanese “love hotels”. If you’re not familiar with the term, these hotels offer “pay-by-the-hour” experiences and a night-long stay generally doesn’t commence until about 10pm. Some are themed and offer “equipment” for rental or purchase – but regardless, anonymity is paramount. This experience doesn’t come cheap, and the love hotel is a fairly essential part of Japanese culture considering that many live with their parents throughout part of adulthood. Aesthetically and culturally, this is no comparision to the American motel. Thus, Novello’s high quality design and original compositions would not be out of place.

Love project seems a bit much for everyday use – it seems one would tire of repeately seeing the same word emblazoned on the floor and wall. But then again, I have never taken to the trend of slogan covered clothing. For the same reasons you will never find the word “Juicy” across my backside, you’ll likely never find “LOVE” inscribed on my mirrors.

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