Itre’s Giuko in Orbit

Bearing a resemblance to the planet of Saturn with its spectacular rings, Itre’s Giuko provides illumination and the perception of suspension and orbiting (from different vantage points at least). The Giuko series from Itre was designed by Works Studio in 2002-2005. “In this design, a milky white blown glass ball hangs within a metal or wood ring…The round shape helps to create a very diffused and evenly distributed light and the halogen light source creates a soft warm glow.” According to Leucos USA, (Itre is a Leucos USA brand).

Giuko 1 Table lamp. Designed by Works Studio for Itre.

While Saturn’s rings consist mostly of ice particles, Itre’s Giuko features a ring in curved wood (ebony or maple finish) for the wood version and a metal ring for the colored and chromed version (white, fuschia, black, red or chrome plated). Within the ring rests the layered and blown satin finished glass diffuser, which appears suspended within the outer ring. Each diffuser contains a single halogen bulb and the mounting for the fixture is aluminum. The Giuko Lamp is available in various configurations: a suspension lamp, a wall or ceiling lamp, reading lamp, table lamp and floor lamp. Giuko 1, Giuko 3, Giuko 5 and Guiko XXL refer to the number of rings (Giuko 1, Giuko 3 and Giuko 5) or to the scale (XXL).


Giuko 1 Table lamp. Designed by Works Studio for TIre.


Giuko 1 Suspension lamp. Designed by Works Studio for Itre.


Giuko 3 Suspension lamp. Designed by Works Studio for Itre.

The Giuko XXL Suspension Lamp and Floor Lamp are particularly spectacular – their scale evoking a sense of grandeur.  The Giuko 1 wall or ceiling lamp, Giuko 3 Reading lamp and Giuko 5 floor lamp are the least impressive of the Giuko collection, their configurations taking away from the concept of the design.  The latter two seem to be overdone versions of a simple and elegant proposal.  The wall or ceiling lamp seems to digress from inhibit the perception that the fixture is suspended and orbiting.  Simple, elegant and innovative – the remainder of the collection is worthy of a place within your home. 

While Giuko offers the optical illusion being in orbit, the theme of movement has been taken to greater extremes in lighting.  Titania, a suspension light designed by Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda for Luceplan is literally lighting in motion, “an elliptical structure composed of blades that ‘reflects a central light source’ while acting as ‘a non-dazzle screen and heat dissipater.'”  Riccio, manufacturered by Fabbian,  is the modern day disco-ball, “made of rotation-molded polyethylene studded with tiny glass ports and illumined from within…”

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