Flexible Fluorescence: SPI Lighting’s Lightruss System

It can turn corners, change elevation, provide indirect light or invert for direct lighting, mount to the ceiling or suspend beneath it. SPI Lighting’s Lightruss was designed as a versatile, adaptable and flexible lighting system consisting of indirect light modules spaced in a continuous truss system. From small retail spaces and corridors to natatoriums and airport terminals, Lightruss affords commercial spaces more lighting flexibility. 

Lightruss. Manufactured by SPI Lighting.

Lightruss is basically modular lighting: a series of building blocks that can be assembled to create the most appropriate configuration for the space, managing elevation changes, twisting and turn as needed. The systems can be designed as a bold sculptural statements or to discretely blend in. Durable, eco-friendly powder coat paints, available in a variety of colors, further customize the aesthetic. It was designed as a base upon which a multi-purpose, integrated ceiling system can be built. Track lighting, emergency lighting, audio hardware and other features including motion sensors, security equipment and signage can easily attach to the truss system.




Lightruss is available in two sizes: Lightruss 1 for compact areas such as retail spaces, cafes and corridors and Lightruss2 for larger public spaces including airport terminals, athletic spaces and open office areas, it can fit in any commercial space. According to the company, Lightruss 2, made entirely of aluminum, is particularly well-suited for natatoriums. “Evenly dispersed indirect light eliminates surface glare on the water making it easier, safer and more comfortable to see.”

From design to installation, the process is remarkably easy regardless of your degree of familiarity with lighting design. A specific team, dedicated to this product line, handles design, photometric layouts, shipping and customer service. Lightruss is pre-wired, each light module aimed and every section pre-assembled in the factory- making installation a cinch. In the words of SPI Lighting, “Whether you need IES recommended light levels for a recreational water park atmosphere or for digital TV sports coverage, Lightruss can deliver.”

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