Made in the Shade: Droog’s Shadylace Umbrella

When Droog opened in New York, 3rings writer Joseph Starr had a little love affair with The Knotted Chair. And many New Yorkers fell in love with the entire Droog space, which is “more than a store; it is at the same time a gallery in which all items are for sale, including pieces of its interior.”

Shadylace Parasol. Designed by Chris Kabel for Droog.

And I have been smitten by the Droog philosophy, “a no-nonsense, down to earth design mentality.” The word Droog, meaning “dry” or “wry” in Dutch, encapsulates the company’s whimsical approach—even though they’re opposed to “high style,” their products are creative, unique, and conceptual. It’s not bad that they’re affordable either! Since it’s officially summer, let’s revisit Droog’s fantastic parasol, Shadylace. Available in green or white, Shadylace lets the sun shine through and, like the UB Arts Copper Shade, it does wondrous things with shadows. The “dappled shade comes complete with a small bird perched on top,” a little golden avian mascot touting the umbrella’s beauty. The polyester shade will withstand the elements—and its practical material invigorates the very idea of lace. Designed by Chris Kabel, Shadylace measures 82.7” x 92.5” yet weighs under 8 pounds.



We were reminded of Shadylace by NOTCOT, since one of their writers recently ordered the umbrella. See it in detail by viewing their photos, which include close-ups of the bird, material, and packaging. The pictures really bring the point home—Shadylace has a lot to be admired. Then again, all of Droog’s products are objects of our affection. Not long ago I wrote about Droog’s Magnetic Curtain, which is fun to play with, and sooner than you’d expect I’ll be waxing poetic about their Lace Fence.

via Notcot

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