Luxo’s Ninety’s New Century Design Has True Longevity

Designers are likely familiar with lighting manufacturer Luxo, responsible for the introduction of the world’s first original architect lamp in 1937, the L-1. A “suggested” purchase for freshman architecture students (at least at Cornell), the architecture building served as a home to hundreds. 25 million have been sold worldwide since its creation, making this lamp a popular classic.

The Ninety. Designed by Shawn Littrell for Luxo.

Beyond the design world, Luxo’s L-1 (and a pair of binoculars) served as inspiration for the main character of Pixar Films' "Wall-E," the last robot on earth. According to the film’s director Andrew Stanton, "Luxo was always an inspiration because of all the life it gave an inanimate object." Depending on whether or not “old-school” teachings are still in effect at design schools, the architect lamp may have fallen out of favor. With the switch from hand-drawings to CAD drawings and the drive towards computer-driven design, lighting needs are changing. The lamp that lit our hand-drawings at 3am may be less successful at illuminating our computer area. Luxo has realized this. With the launch of “Wall-E” last summer came the introduction of Luxo’s new task light: the Ninety . "Much as the L-1 set the standard for design and lighting ergonomics, the new Ninety takes all these positive components, adds outstanding energy efficiencies and packages it in a sleek design," said Luxo president Sam Gumins. "Who knows - maybe Pixar's next film will star the Ninety.



Ninety is the world's most energy-efficient LED task light. “Four high-power LEDs illuminate the task area as the asymmetric light distribution ensures optimal ergonomic lighting.” Each uses just 1.4 watts and has a 45,000-hour lifespan. To put it simply, with normal office use you won’t have to change the light source for an entire generation. Balmuda’s Airline , featured a few weeks ago, is another one of the most energy-efficient desk lights on the market that will last a solid 23 years, as opposed to the Ninety’s 25. The Ninety also features a spring-balanced arm, rotating base and a sleek head, giving the Ninety excellent range of motion.

Posted June 29, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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