At #NeoCon09: Innovations In Wallcovering Innvironments

Studies have shown that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Aside from serving as an excuse to invest more in the aesthetics of your space, the data proves that Indoor Air Auality (IAQ) is a serious concern. Wall coverings and paint can negatively impact IAQ, as a result of their off-gassing and VOCs. Innovations in Wallcoverings was the first company to develop a full collection of commercially viable, earth-friendly wallcoverings.

Innvironments Specialty Collection in Indochine. Manufactured by Innovations in Wallcoverings.

Prior to the launch of their Innvironments®  line, the industry was dominated by PVC products. These earth-friendly alternatives address air quality concerns with the use of water based dyes and no PVC, heavy metals or harmful solvents, while utilizing natural and renewable or recyclable materials such as sisal, cork and cellulose. The wide variety of options includes iridescent wallpapers, leopard prints, grass cloth, linen and cork and suede – and the selection is always growing. Innvironments® products were featured in the exhibition “Green Materials” at the National Building Museum: Innvironments® Eco-Suede wall-covering (in hickory) and Innvironments® paper-weave six-by-six (in silverweed). Innovations Origami was the Interior Design Best of the Year award winner for contract wall-coverings.


Innvironments Specialty Collection in Origami. Manufactured by Innovations in Wallcoverings.

Indochine is a grass-cloth wall treatment made from individually hand-dyed reeds woven onto a paper backing, meant to capture the aesthetic refinement of the Far East. The subtle difference in color of the individual reeds creates a tonal gradation that gives the wallcovering a silky appearance. Murano, a luminescent wallcovering of refined glass beads, hand-made by Italian craftsmen, is named for the famous glassmaking city in Italy.  Nautilus is composed of ultra-thin layers of mica attached to cellulose backing, in the words of Interior Design Magazine, “Should Poseidon ever redo his boudoir, he might just bask in this bounty of the sea.”

“In spite of initial concerns about the durability of earth-friendly wallcoverings, we pioneered sustainable products that are as tough as they are beautiful.” In high-traffic installations such as hotels and hospitals around the world, the Innvironments line has proven its strength and put to rest these concerns. Innvironments products are also breathable, helping to reduce the risk of mold.

Innvironments wall coverings are intended for commercial use, but are often used in residential settings, said Michael Hardin of the Dorsey Group, the manufacturer’s representative in Ohio. With greater durability, fewer seams, earth and air-friendly properties, this is not surprising. Innovations in Wallcoverings has been the recipient of the “Best of NeoCon” award for seven consecutive years.

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