At #NeoCon09: ArchDeco’s Sumiglass Series

Given the classical look, enduring textural quality, and enhanced versatility of architectural glass, chances are that either you or your clients are desirous of some incarnation of laminated glass panels, be it for countertops, vanities, partitions, or decorative windows. The state-wide standard in laminated panels, Columbus, Ohio’s Arch Deco’s Sumiglass series offers a product for interior applications that’s “found throughout the world… used in interior applications such as doors and windows, side lights, room partitions, office dividers, glass handrails, and almost any other interior application that glass can be used.”

Sumiglass. Manufactured by Arch Deco.

An American-made product that’s found throughout the world? Can a brother get a “Hallelujah!” How very refreshing indeed to find that American Design can still make international inroads. One reason for sumiglass’s popularity is its responsiveness to customer needs. Arch Deco fabricates each pane of Sumiglass to individual customer specifications from facilities in Columbus and Salt Lake City. The proprietary laminating process sandwiches a decorative interlayer between layers of adhesive and layers of glass, thus capturing pattern, color and texture in any one of Arch Deco’s pantheon of geometric incarnations: circles, triangles, trapezoids, or any other configuration so desired. And Arch Deco’s collection of ten standard colors can be infused like so much paint, accounting for an ultimate palette of 35,000+ different colors. Stop by the Arch Deco booth here at #NeoCon09 and ask to speak with Howard, a gregarious gent who’s rightly proud of the company, the product, and the insistence on “Made in America.” He’ll also relish the opportunity to discuss Arch Deco’s new Digital Transfer technology, an innovation that enables you to customize glass panels from digital images, opening up innumerable design possibilities.


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