At #NeoCon09: A New Angle for Karim Rashid

The third floor showroom of ICF Group popped out dramatically at NeoCon09. With a new lounge chair designed by the infamous Karim Rashid, Nienkämper “borrows a monumental form from ancient Egypt and stands it on its head.” The lounge chair is “architecturally inspired,” and its signature look commands attention. Rashid intended the Pyramid Chair to reflect social change in order to "turn nationalism and jingoism around and become one global paradise.”

Pyramid Chair. Designed by Karim Rahid for Nienkämper of ICF Group.

Part of Rashid’s Edenic goal is achieved in the Pyramid Chair’s construction. Nienkämper uses soy-based foam and FSC-certified laminated wood products. If you upholster the chair in ICF Group’s In-Style line, the wool is 100% ethical; it comes from Australian sheep farmed with “recultivation of the land” in mind. Follow the wool from its origin to your house by looking at the Farm to Fabric Program. At the ICF Group showroom, Rashid’s Pyramid Chair was covered in two patterns of bright green In-Style fabrics. Those Australian sheep are soft! For another ICF Group feature (ICF Group is composed of ICF, Nienkämper and Unika Vaev), see recent feature on Unika Vaev's textiles.

Posted June 19, 2009 by Alicita Rodriguez

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