Snack Attack x Artistic Tile: Chocolate Stones Collection

Eating chocolate triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, which act as a natural opiate. The wonderful confection also contains tryptophan, a clever little amino acid that makes one feel soporific. But true chocolatiers take their love of chocolate one step further by making their sweets beautiful: dome-shaped truffles, artistic sculptures, and decadent fountains.

Chocolates Stones Collection. Designed by Giovanni Barbieri for Artistic Tile.

Artistic Tile is capitalizing on the visual appeal of chocolate with their new Barbieri Chocolate Stone Borders Collection: “Designed by Italian artist Giovanni Barbieri exclusively for Artistic Tile, this luxurious line of elaborate borders features unique stone ‘dots’ reminiscent of confectionary treats.” The Chocolate Stones come in three Collections—Dark, White, and Caramel—something for every taste.



Each color category includes six different 2″ x 2″ “truffles,” little pillowy tiles that make you want to indulge. The squares arrive on a 2″ x 12″ mesh-backed border, but they can be taken apart to be used as ornamental accents. The process by which the Chocolate Stones are made is equally seductive: “Each piece begins as a cleverly layered terrine of three natural stones (marble, limestone, and onyx) that is lovingly hand-worked to form a dollop of eye-candy.” Dark Chocolate mixes exotic stones with names as luscious as any bon bon: Sable Onyx, China Black, and Light Botticino. Caramel tempts with Bianco Carrara, Copper Giallo, and Mystery. White Chocolate features some equally provocative, if uncanny, stones: Light Mugwort Green, Grey Black, and Volakis—they almost sound like ingredients for a witch’s brew.

These delicious treats in stone are one of the many wonders offered by Artistic Tile, courtesy of the company’s founder Nancy Epstein, a worldwide traveler who treks as far as Tunisia and Brazil for the sake of splendorous tile. Mix and match the six designs in all three Collections for a delectable feast. While the Barbieri Chocolate Stone Borders Collection transforms any bath into a sybaritic escape, the stone tiles belong in the kitchen, where they can inspire the creation of luscious gourmet desserts. Enjoy!

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