Balmuda’s Aerodynamic Airline Takes Flight

High functionality meets slim, streamlined aesthetics with Balmuda’s Airline, befitting of a home beside Apple’s artistic Air. The slender and sleek desk light, with its aero-influenced components (hence the name,) will serve as an appropriate companion to the seemingly weightless laptop (or more simply a great book). Aside from aesthetics, Airline is one of the most energy-efficient desk lights on the market and will last a solid 23 years, maintaining over 70% of its brightness after 50,000 hours of use.

Airline. Manufactured by Balmuda.

Although it is as bright as a 60watt bulb, Airline uses only 4.5watts of energy. Using cutting-edge and high power LEDs, (at 6000 Kelvin) Airline gives off bright-white color, making it easy to view a computer display. At the touch of a button the light gradually turns on and off. By holding the power button for a few seconds, Airline can operate at half-brightness, increasing its functionality. The light itself produces no heat since the LEDs do not emit infra-rays.



Adjusting a desk lamp often involves patience: with even subtle movements come squeaky sounds and the inability of the lamp to maintain its new position. Airline utilizes “precise engineering for “remarkably smooth yet controlled movement.” Its hybrid system balances springs and weight to provide for smooth, soundless movement. High-grade aluminum cut to a precision of 1/100th of a millimeter is color coated, sanded by hand and polished with a special high gloss coat. Lightweight and strong, the materiality alone exemplifies the careful attention to detail throughout the design.

“Combining power, elegance, precision and functionality into one, it is perfect for both computer work and reading use,” according to the company. Balmuda Design, established in Tokyo in 2003, explains the importance of the product’s usefulness and ability to increase work performance in addition to its exceptional design and style.  Airline can perfectly complete your Japan-inspired, minimalist work space already equipped with Itoki’s Spina chair and CC Table.  Although Airline is currently available throughout Japan, it is not yet available on the US Market and has yet to be included in Balmuda’s North American Online Store. With enough interest we hope this will occur shortly,

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