At #NeoCon09: Back 2 Basics with Chilewich’s W2W PLYNYL

Chilewich is revolutionizing vinyl. The company's trademarked PLYNYL is an innovative vinyl floor covering that's woven, which gives the material an organic look. Available in Tile and W2W, PLYNYL features natural variations and seams—something Chilewich views "as an advantage similar to wood or stone flooring." We at 3rings are inclined to agree: the woven PLYNYL adds texture, dimension, and softness to vinyl while maintaining the material's convenience.

Basketweave Colors Collection. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.

W2W in particular offers a fabulous alternative for commercial spaces requiring durable fabrics. The woven, vinyl fabric is bonded to a soft polyurethane cushion, making W2W easy to install, maintain, and clean. Water and stain-resistant, Chilewich's unique W2W can be installed as wall-to-wall floor covering or as area rugs. An added benefit of the flooring is that it has 10% rapidly renewable resource in the backing (plant-based polyol) and can earn LEED points with its installation.


Basketweave Neutrals Collection. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.


Basketweave Metallics Collection. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.


Basketweave Ikat Collection. Manufactured by Chilewich Contract.

While most of the W2W patterns come 72" wide, W2W Basketweave measures 56" wide. This pattern epitomizes the advantages of W2W over traditional vinyl floor coverings: Basketweave showcases the weaving that makes Chilewich's PLYNYL so aesthetically pleasing. A thick cross-hatching adds depth and visual interest to Basketweave—this explains its popularity in large projects the world over. Used in Chicago at the Doblin Group offices and in Tokyo at the Pasona Group Headquarters, Basketweave softens corporate furniture with its organic effect. This W2W style comes in new Brights that will broaden the material's possible applications. Lemon, lime, and mango will offer much more daring interior design opportunities. Other intense Basketweave colors include Merlot, Amber, and Green. Try a lime lobby for tropical climates—perhaps a marketing firm in Miami—or a mango store for coastal climes—perhaps a clothing boutique in Los Angeles. In merlot, Basketweave looks great in wine bars. Try it in amber for spas. Green is a high-energy alternative for gyms. Of course, an array of neutrals dresses up any office without sacrificing seriousness. And if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, the Basketweave Ikats offer up a striking but subtle array of patterns while the Metallics collection packs a bit more glamorous punch.

Posted May 29, 2009 by Alicita Rodriguez

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