At BKLYNS DESIGNS 2009: OEUF NYC Fashions the Hip Nursery Hangout

The world loves babies. Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri exemplifies the media’s fascination with celebrity babies in particular: from her hairstyle to her clothing and accessories, there is seemingly constant coverage of her chic style. Given society’s attentiveness, it should be no surprise that hip furniture for babies and children is becoming increasingly more accessible. Oeuf, now with a store in New York, is helping to pave the way in creating chic modern furniture for kids.

Sparrow Crib. Manfactured by Oeuf NYC.

Although many businesses are closing due to the economy, new stores are popping up in New York, dedicated to the babies of America (and their mothers). On the upper east side in Manhattan, Yummy Mummy for happy breastfeeding, opened this spring and numerous luxury childrens clothing stores are still open for business.  Obviously the children’s market is still doing fairly well!  But segueing back into the realm of design, Iglooplay and  Casa Kids have been featured on 3Rings in the last week alone. Still a favorite of mine, and soon available in the US is Flexi-Bath.


Classic Crib. Manufactured by Oeuf NYC.

Oeuf has two complete nursery collections: Classic and Sparrow. Both are endowed with the somewhat standard functional features of nursery furniture: a simple conversion kit converts the crib into a toddler bed and an optional changing station can sit either on the dresser or temporarily on the top of the crib. The Sparrow Collection is made of solid birch with a non-toxic lacquer or finish. The convertible crib is meant to be the centerpiece, raised of The Scandinavian sensibility applies to both collections, and all pieces are manufactured in Latvia. For the Classic Collection’s Oeuf Crib “the sides, footboard and headboard are all cut from single sheets of (MDF) wood panel to eliminate the hazard of loosening joints,” in a non-toxic white lacquer with a birch or walnut base. Oeuf’s pieces provide for a clean and modern aesthetic. The classic cribs can be accessorized with storage solutions from “The Toy Store,” “Mini-Library” and Wardrobe units.

Oeuf’s sleekly styled baby lounger is a nursery necessity. With a deeply padded, machine washable canvas seat and securely attached with a 3-point safety belt, the Lounger is “perfect for any ‘Hip’ baby to hang out in.” Supported by a steel frame and safe for an unassisted baby, the Lounger has a gentle rocking feature: “baby moves, the lounger bounces just the way baby likes it, and the rocking goes on and on.” If all goes well, baby is likely smiling (or sleeping.)

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