Arconas: Contributing to a Productive World One Connex at a Time

In our fast-paced world, wasting time cultivates frustration and anxiety. I recently endured a 4-5 hour-a-day commute, writing what you read (or hopefully read) while on the train. Unfortunately for me, the very basic trains lack modern day conveniences such as accessible electrical outlets and internet, hence my productiveness was somewhat inhibited. Public spaces (those we don’t actively seek to spend time in) necessitate functionality and durability above all else.

Connex sofa. Designed by Johannes Scherr for Arconas.

Though furniture may be attractive and even comfortable, while we’re stirring over our hour-long delay in the airport, train station, or doctor’s office, aesthetics and comfort simply aren’t enough. It is with that in mind that I am encouraged by the collections produced over at Arconas, purveyor of commercial seating that since 1972, has been “commissioning internationally renowned designers and finely engineering products to deliver exceptional comfort and performance.” Last year at NeoCon Arconas’ Flyaway inPower, “a veritable revolution in commercial seating,” was awarded Silver in Best of NeoCon for Technology Support. Moving beyond the airport and into reception areas, waiting areas and lobbies, Arconas introduces a system of modular lounge seating to offer flexible functionality.


Connex, with accompanying connecting tables and a freestanding pull-up desks addresses all of our functional needs to create a seating solution suitable for lounge environments. Curved and straight single seats, 2 and 3 seat sofas, ottomans and benches, Connex can be configured in an infinite number of ways. The 90° or inline connecting table can divide large expanses of seating to create smaller and more intimate spaces. When the need for productivity prevails, the freestanding pull-up desk can be used for paperwork or laptops. Converting lounge furniture into a productive work environment, ample clearance underneath the modular units provides storage for additional belongings getting them out of the way.

Ergonomics, space management, durability, safety and convenience; Connex’s modular lounge seating and tables “can be used anywhere people come together: collaborative workspaces, hotel lounges, reception areas, waiting rooms, and libraries”. High performance pieces built for high traffic areas, Connex can endure the wear and tear of its numerous users. Contract furniture pieces admittedly demand different design requirements than those made for our homes but within the challenging field of commercial design, the original meaning of Arconas as “innovative leader” rings true.

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