Professional Practice: Big Ideas in Paint

Imagine having the flexibility to make most any surface a dry erase whiteboard? Idea Paint provides this flexibility and can be applied to walls, doors and columns to name a few, transforming these surfaces. This innovative, low cost, dry erase option is being installed in many schools, offices and homes making these spaces much more collaborative. It is seamless so unlike traditional whiteboards or erasable wallcoverings, marker dust will not darken the seams. Its seamless quality also makes it fun to install in different patterns.

Idea Paint. Manufactured by Idea Paint.

Idea Paint is also environmentally friendly especially in how it utilizes raw materials, requires minimal energy to formulate and transport, and is formaldehyde-free. 1 gallon of paint covers 50 square feet, is less than 4 pounds and ships in a small box requiring less fossil fuels to transport. In addition, in comparison to traditional whiteboards that could wind up in a landfill once they are no longer needed, with Idea Paint you simply paint over the surface to change it. Idea Paint also requires minimal energy to produce because it is mixed and is not a baked or cured process used for whiteboards, that utilizes large quantities of energy. It also meets all U.S. EPA regulations since it does not out-gas once dry and is formaldehyde-free.



From a product-performance perspective, IdeaPaint out-performs all other dry-erase solutions on the market and is cost-effective at about $4 per square foot. Their client base includes the offices of Comedy Central, CIA and MTV to name a few. Many schools are also utilizing this product by painting over chalkboards that could be hazardous to remove due to asbestos. Idea Paint can be painted over the chalkboard with proper surface preparation, and is a more environmentally friendly solution. The Idea Paint team is presently busy developing new colors and product lines to enhance the original product offering. This product is the mastermind of a group of young guys who needed inexpensive whiteboard surfaces to write on while in college. For other ideas relating to inventive ways to spice up the walls and to compel creativity and human-to-wall interaction in your space, see Iconic Wall Panels by B + N or Nuno Erin’s Touch Wall Panels. Idea Paint can be purchased direct online, or through MDC Wallcoverings, their exclusive distributor.

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