Mean Cuisine: Thermador’s Sensor Dome™ Technology is Hot

Appliances keep getting smarter and smarter. While a watched pot never boils, an abandoned pot generally boils over. We’ve all dealt with the messes created when this happens: never pretty and generally involving a time consuming, laborious cleaning job. Worse yet, they sometimes ruin our culinary masterpieces. Thermador’s Sensor Dome™ addresses this issue, helping us to achieve culinary success and cutting back on our kitchen mishaps.

Masterpiece Electric Cooktop with Sensor Dome™ technology. Manufactured by Thermador.

Sensor Dome™ is a pop-up dial with an infrared beam that measures and regulates the temperature of cookware. In doing so, it prevents pots from boiling over and maintains the ideal cooking temperature. When not functioning, the dial retracts, sitting flush with the stovetop’s surface. Small and generally unobtrusive, Sensor Dome™ addresses and effectively solves a problem we all face, often on a daily basis. In the end, it makes our lives just a bit easier.  “The Sensor Dome™ system monitors the temperature of foods, working together with CookSmart’s 9 pre-programmed modes to give perfect results.”  This technology is incorporated into Thermador‘s new line of ceramic electric cooktops which includes the 24″ Professional Series and the Masterpiece Series in  either 30″ or 36″.




Since we’re all looking for a bargain in the downfall of American economy, here’s something to consider. Thermador’s “1, 2 and Free” System; just as it sounds, purchase 2 appliances and get the third at no cost. If that’s not enough of a sell, take a look at some of Thermador’s celebrity endorses: the likes of the attractive Liev Scheiber and various chefs.  Those of you in the market for a gas range should take a look at Liev’s own Pro Grand Professional Series Range or the Professional Series Cooktop, which Chefs Tim Love and Michael McCartney use to cook for their own friends at home.

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