At Salone: Arik Levy’s Hoop Sofa for Living Divani

The Hoop Sofa is all about allusions: to simultaneous fullness and emptiness, effortlessly suspended over the ground. “I wanted to create a light, outdoor seat, that seems to float in the air and conveys an aura of conviviality,” says designer Arik Levy of his most recent project for Living Divani. The colored tubular frame is “a geometric motif of large loops that merge and intersect each other.”

Hoop Sofa. Designed by Arik Levy for Living Divani.

The thin tubular frame draws the outline of a full sofa. It seems to have been created by tracing a series of sections through a sofa to compile an axonometric drawing, then made three dimensional. The aluminum structure brings to mind traditional cast iron garden furniture, reinventing it in a modern form and innovative aesthetic. The tubular metal frame supports thick seat cushions and a plethora of pillows for maximum comfort. The designer describes his Hoop Sofa as “a sculpture for the garden, comfortable and easy to maintain.” The Hoop Sofa is intended for both indoor and outdoor settings; by the pool, in the garden or sun room, its visual lightness seems fresh, a great way to prepare your home for summertime.


My one complaint with the Hoop Sofa is its central support. I understand the necessity of preventing the sofa from sagging in the middle due to its long span, but I can’t help but wonder if structural and material adjustments could have solved the issue differently. In removing the central support, the intended allusions would be fully realized rather than partially obstructed.

We’ve seen a great variety of indoor/outdoor furniture at 3Rings over the past month including B&B Italia’s Crinoline Armchair by Patricia Urquiola, MissoniHome’s Cactus Garden and Erbario, Yves Behar’s Pixel Burst bench and table, and pieces from the Royal Botania collection.  Inevitably, more will be in store at the much anticipated Salone in only a few weeks time.

via Designboom

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