v-bed: A Bed Frame and Best Friend for Life

You spend about a third of your life in bed sleeping or at least, that is what we are told to do. Realistically though, in addition to sleeping and relaxing, you also probably indulge in the occasional bed-bound meal and use your bed to throw vital belongings that should probably avoid direct contact with the floor.  It is no secret that a bed is something one needs and uses for as long as they can – but when it comes to buying one, what size do you ultimately choose?

v-bed. Designed by Roy Schäfer for Tojo.

What if, when purchasing a new bed frame, you didn’t have to commit to a long-term decision? Like an accordion, the v-bed, designed by Roy Schäfer for Tojo, can conform to whatever size best suits your current living situation. Ranging in size from a twin to a king, the v-bed by Tojo will accompany you from the suburbs to the city and back again; will see you through your swinging singles and serious relationships and as such, can expand and contract as desired. According to Tojo, "As your children grow up the v-bed will grow with them and can serve as either a child, teenage, student, queen size or king size-bed." In my case, the story goes as follows: as a twenty-something who is growing up and constantly relocating, I need a bed that adapts to these changes as fast as I do. While my dream penthouse might be a far cry from a small urban studio, I want to invest in a bed now that will stay with me for a while.

v-bed: A Bed Frame and Best Friend for Life

The frame itself comes at an extremely reasonable in price (~$470) and requires only a mattress (no boxspring.)  The v-bed can be easily assembled and likewise dismantled without tools and in no time at all. The materials of the bed are all environmentally friendly, no screws, mountings, varnish or paint – purely natural. Made of untreated beech wood multiplex, the v-bed varies in size between 35.4 and 70.9 x 78.9 inches. Another expandable bed to check out: Thut Möbel’s Scissor Bed. Though a bit less refined, it uses a scissor-action lattice principle which functions similarly to the v-bed.  Since no one really knows what the future holds, the v-bed is a fantastic piece for the bedroom that allows you some flexibility and access to great design for a lifetime.

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