Hellos’ Kwart by Karim Rashid

Perhaps a perfect follow up to Joe’s article from yesterday — Colorado 13 Marble Vanity manufactured by Conci of Italy — I’d like to point all our 3ringers to enigmatic but always interesting design company Hellos of Milan (that’s also Italy!). Their new Kwart radiator "is a product that goes out of the usual bi-dimensional tradition with an innovative optic effect."

Kwart. Designed by Karim Rashid. Manufactured by Hellos.

Brainchild of the fabulous Karim Rashid, Kwart reforms the formerly unsightly radiator, transforming it into a work of art in its own right. No more clever tactics to disguise the radiator; now it can take front and center. It is the contemporary version of those decorative cast iron radiators that appear in corners like snake sculptures. A century from now I predict people will be walking around cities searching for apartments to rent that have Kwart radiators hanging from the walls.

Hellos’ Kwart by Karim Rashid

Made of aluminum in sections of 200 x 200 x 500 mm, Kwart can be pieced together to form varying figures. Hung on the wall, the Kwart radiator then becomes a sculpture of sorts, each section featuring a convex wave-like pattern. Meaning quarter in Dutch, Kwart acts as "change" in more ways than one: the pieces can be collected (forming a dollar in artistic currency, one could say); when left unpainted, the aluminum pieces resemble pocket change (albeit from some futuristic dynasty); and the pieces can purchase-here buying something both stylish and useful. Its best aspect is its mutability: the customizable Kwart will allow you to design a radiator unlike any other, so you can be warm in the glow of your unique sophistication. Urbanity has never been so hot!

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