Colorado 13 Marble Vanity

Say the word ‘vanity’ and I think marble. Of the finely honed polish, the appealing spontaneity of its meandering veins, the elegance of its natural palette - from the creamiest alabaster to the most inscrutable ebony and charcoal. Yes, there’s something elemental about this metamorphic rock, even more so when juxtaposed with its even more elemental cousin, water. No other material better approximates the behavior of water, as it follows the contours of surface stone, as it reliably finds the path of least resistance to continue its seasonal cycle of evaporation and condensation.

Colorado 13 Marble Vanity. Manufactured by Conci.

Perhaps this is why marble tops my list of preferred materials for bathroom tubs and vanities. Notwithstanding the recent ascendancy of “industrial” materials like copper and stainless steel, marble retains a classical aura and timeless appeal, lending bathroom space a solidity and placidity befitting the activities performed therein (see Chorus by Toscoquattro)-its innate sound dampling qualities also increase the oft-wished for privacy quotient.

Colorado 13 Marble Vanity

So why look elsewhere when you can equip your ablutional sanctuary with Colorado Vanity 13 by Conci of Italy? Distributed stateside by Total Bath, Colorado 13 is a wall mounted stone vanity set. The vanity top and front panel are made from an exquisite charcoal marble with slashes of white veins (the effect is rather like the phosphorescent bolts that gash the Colorado sky come July, the season of nighttime thunderstorms). The piece also features cabinetry of white lacquered wood, in addition to an ultra-spacious and oh-so-cleverly compartmentalized drawer with soft-closing system and built-in top-side handle (none of those maddening, non-operational false fronts for Conci).

The vanity exudes an understated elegance befitting spaces with a time-worn elegance-I’m thinking the Ritz-Carlton in Aspen, the Delano in Miami, or perhaps the Hotel Balzac in the city of lights. But you’ll most appreciate Colorado 13 while in the cozy confines of your very own personal space-a destination I like to call Chez You.

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