Argentinian-born, Zurich-based Alfredo Haberli continues his design work with Alias by introducing a new line of modular furniture entitled Legnomobile. Available in three sizes, as a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, Legnomobile is composed of two elements stacked on top of a plank with polished feet. Each component of the system can be dismantled and interchanged, making Legnomobile a bit of an adult Legos-albeit, far more stylish and utilitarian.

Legnomobile. Designed by Alfredo Haberli. Manufactured by Alias.

The Legnomobile pieces come in white, wenge wood, and acid green. The small chest of drawers in white is a perfect complement for the Egg Chair-I can see those two working together in a minimalist room with a great splash of color, perhaps from an Eric Johnston sculpture or a wall of Riviera Rollo wallcovering. In acid green and wenge wood, Legnomobile "manages to unite tradition with innovation, joy and energy." Pair the green with the fanciful: Moooi's Horse Lamp or Mattson's RGB lighting. Legnomobile's compartments make up a fluid whole while still maintaining each piece's autonomy-Haberli is saying something about deconstruction here, but the real joy is in the furniture's construction.


Posted December 15, 2008 by Alicita Rodriguez

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