Blue Dots Needlepoint Armchair

While polka dots are not exactly the way to my discerning A&D heart, the Blue Dots Needlepoint Armchair evokes an instant smile. The perennial dots peeping out of the armchair make it part whimsical, part conventional, and part unpredictable. Flamboyant without bordering on the nouveau, the armchair, which is styled on the pattern of the classic Louis Sixteenth Chair, infuses fresh energy into the cache of design.

Blue Dots Needlepoint Armchair. Manufactured by 123 Creations.

For the uninitiated, "Needlepoint is a form of canvas work embroidery, in which yarn is stitched through a canvas ground fabric. Unlike surface embroidery, needlepoint uses the canvas, or ground fabric, to create a new fabric". (Says wikipedia). 123 Creations, who manufactures the armchair, lays the emblematic silhouette of tapestry without making it appear antiquated. Hence, be it a sprawling colonial house in Savannah or a condominium townhouse in Boston, the Blue Dots Needlepoint Armchair will have no problem fitting in. The Blue Dots Needlepoint Armchair measures 24"W x 37.5"H x 23"D, weighs around 30.0 Lbs, and can be ordered online from the Bellacor website which can be accessed here.

The  “Antique White Wash” finish and the 100% wool upholstery seems to complement the prominent  tonal embroidery and also shuns the angst to belong in the world of stark colors and clean lines. The manufacturer’s decision to use a quirky circular pattern is clearly deliberate as it gives the antediluvian Needlepoint chair a more contemporary facelift. The Blue Dots Needlepoint Armchair stays rooted in its design and material and sits pretty with a realistic style.

Posted December 23, 2008 by Tanya Palta

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