At IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Siro by Dietiker

Wolfgang C.R. Mezger’s original eye for combining aesthetically pleasing design with various functional elements makes him a hot entrant in the office furniture market. His designs are a paradox of subtlety and drama, and seem to blend conventional elements with modern techniques. Be it the Method Lounge or the Siro Bench System exhibiting at IIDEX, all his creations bear a signature design stamp that is singular to Mezger.

Siro bench system. Designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger. Manufactured by Dietiker Switzerland.

The Siro Bench System has been designed by Mezger for Dietiker Switzerland. The highly customizable nature of the Siro system makes it possible to have various configurations or groupings. The bench system would be a good investment for corporates, educational institutes, and the hospitality sector. Personally, I would love to see this in waiting or transits lounges of airports where it would ensure an ideal repose from stress we harried travelers seem to suffer from.

At IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Siro by Dietiker

The Siro Bench System claims to be a complete lounge solution.  The upholstered bench system comprises of varying modules where the position of the back supports can be adjusted. According to Dietiker "the units are linked with bridge, corner or lateral tables as well as with seat cushions."

With the Siro Bench System, Mezger ups the ante and also continues to lay emphasis on structure. The unobtrusive elegant bench system capitalizes on the current minimalist design trend yet also manages to create a strong visual language.

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