Kawa Collection by Karim Rashid

There are no stark colors, no arduous lines, and no pretentious design ethos  in the Kawa Collection by Karim Rashid. In fact the collection is a melee of quirkiness, nonconforming shapes, and striking bright colors. These bathroom faucets also highlight Rashid's all encompassing love for the consumer design culture and how he is not averse to the reconciliation of creative design with the furnishings and furniture markets.

Kawa Collection. Designed by Karim Rashid. Manufactured by Cisal.

The Kawa Collection has been designed for Italian manufacturer giant Cisal, and is comprised of a single-lever washbasin, single lever bidet mixer, shower column, single lever bath-shower mixer, shower arm, and a wall mounted shower holder. Rounded corners, irreverent contrasts and a certain structured fluidity seem to dominate this impressive collection.

The Kawa Collection is available in a diverse color range. Those who prefer to break rules can opt for acid bights like pink and green and the traditionalists can opt for the classic black or white. Karim Rashid's Kawa collection breaks away from hallowed design fundamentals  and encapsulates Rashid's proclivity towards creating pulsating designs that bring to forefront the designers artistic dexterity.

Kawa Collection by Karim Rashid

Always the maverick, Rashid's creations don't disappoint with their out of box approach and theatrical forms. Be it the Endless Nile Table or the Blobulous chair, all his  creations encapsulates the synergy between the paradoxical visions of Italian manufacturers and avant-garde designers.

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