The M_Table

Both Hideyuki Kishimoto and Jiinyi Hwang’s repertoire of work under the brand of IXII include services pertaining to architecture, furniture and interior design. All their creations illustrate a predilection towards urban living and usually exhibit deconstructive aesthetics.

M_Table. Designed by Hideyuki Kishimoto and Jiinyi Hwang.

The M_Table keeps in pace with the flourishing contemporary design scene where it's not atypical for designs to have a strong sculptural element. According to the designer duo, the source of inspiration for the M_Table is something as innocuous as Möbius strip.

A Möbius strip is defined as a surface with a single side, which has only one boundary component. In mathematical terms it can be also termed non-orientable and can be constructed by joining the ends of a strip of paper with a single half-twist (says wikipedia).

The M_Table

By reinterpreting the concept of Möbius strip and translating it into sustainable design, IXII showcases a sculptural merger that is fostering around the world. The M_Table is characterized by its curvilinear surface , which highlights IXII 's modern design trajectory and punctilious planning. According to the designers, the table is perfect for a social lounge or a living room and one can customize it in a plethora of colors and textures.

With the M_Table, Kishimoto and Hwang have struck an equilibrium between the dichotomy of working with a utilitarian material like wood and their fresh design vision. The table can seamlessly fit in the Modernist grid and is a counter reaction to eclecticism and ostentatious designs.

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