Oasi by Lovegrove

It’s true that I just got married-I admit it. And, quite possibly, I may have to begin using the word “husband,” which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. For some reason, I associate the entire concept of marriage with bad design: rickrack-trimmed aprons and matching upholstered wingchairs.

Oasi. Designed by Ross Lovegrove. Manufactured by Frighetto.

But, when summoned to find a cozy loveseat by Designer Pages’ own impresario, I rose to the challenge, determined to house my newfound love in a stylish chaise, where I might read T.S. Eliot on a miserable April Sunday while listening to Nina Simone. So here it is: meet the Oasi, designed by Ross Lovegrove (yes, how appropriate) and manufactured by Frighetto. The materials are all perfectly modish: satin nickel feet and molded polyurethane foam covered in leather (or fabric, though not quite as sexy). The curved arm invites lounging-dare I say like a lover’s embrace? The fixed cover and foam make relaxation easy, as the Oasi gives just enough for a daytime nap or spate of daydreaming. With its coordinated pouf (a name that somewhat betrays the Oasi’s simplicity), the chaise is just big enough for two.

Oasi by Lovegrove

And, like a good marriage, the Oasi should improve with age; after all, the Oasi’s maker promises just that: “Frighetto gets more stylish every day.” This claim is no lie, since Frighetto focuses on good design, great engineering, and international style, choosing well-established designers with an eye for innovation and versatility. Ross Lovegrove is no exception. Lovegrove, who worked on the designs of Sony’s Walkman and Apple’s computers, pays close attention to material and its possibilities. He believes that studying the materials he works with “goes beyond the superficial into the very tissue of the product”-or, what I might call the heart of the matter.

So lie back, put your feet up, and let the Oasi make a little oasis in your living room, library-perhaps bedroom. If you’re looking for cozy without cutesy, comfort without convolution-a chaise instead of a loveseat, then the Oasi is a perfect fit.

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