Ski Shower

The phrase “Ski Shower” may seem jarring at first, with its connotations of unwieldy and potentially injurious sporting goods falling from the sky.

But once the rational mind takes over and attempts to decipher what it might really mean, one (at least your humble narrator, who was raised at the foot of the Rocky Mountains) envisions post-recreational bliss-the celebrated ritual of divesting oneself of the sweat-laden garments and assorted unmentionable bodily byproducts, mostly of nasal origin, that are part and parcel of the skiing experience. But this particular Ski Shower doesn’t necessarily refer to that most glorious variety of winter-time cleansing (though it could do double-duty in this regard, if you’re especially lucky), but rather to the shape and style of manufacturer Graff’s latest contribution to the ablutional arts.

Ski Shower. Manufactured by Graff Faucets.

Shaped like an old-school straight ski, the Ski Shower resembles the thing as if cut down to one-third size and bolted to the wall-the arching ski tip acting as the shower head while the volume-control levers further down function to fine tune style of spray and rate of flow. The ski is also flanked alongside by four outlets that enable forward directed streams. With water spraying from all five outlets, the Ski Shower creates a veritable weather event (“ski typhoon” might be a more precise moniker). Typhoon or no, this weather event is not subject to the whims of mother nature, but rather to the rigors of Thermostatic technology, which lets the user pre-program the preferred water temperature, flip the switch, and voila!-a perfectly heated shower in an instant: no more shivering in your skivvies while waiting for icy water to warm; no more squirming under the spray and attempting to elude the Scylla and Charybdis of scalding or freezing while trying to thwart the pernicious “temperature delay” phenomenon.

Ski Shower

Manufacturer Graff has taken great pains to integrate the above-mentioned Thermostatic technology-originally developed as an anti-scalding precaution in hospitals and nursing homes-into beautiful and versatile fixtures with a contemporary flair. With a nod to the individual requirements of shower users short and tall, big and small, Graff has made the shower head easily adjustable to accommodate various girths. And the shower head and forward sprays can be operated simultaneously or individually, all depending on the user’s current whim. The Ski Shower comes ready to install: the brains and the guts (plumbing and computer chips, for those who may not like the metaphor) remain behind the scenes and behind the wall. It’s also available with square or round detailing, which eases integration into existing schemes. Whatever your bathing demands, the Ski Shower delivers.

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