Live at NeoCon: Molo Design’s SoftSeating

I’ve been staring at the Molo Design team set up their booth since we first arrived Thursday morning. And I have one word for you to describe the Soft Collection: AWESOME.

Soft is a product line conceived of the desire to dynamically shape and redefine open space into more intimate and ephemeral surroundings, in a flexible and temporal way. Utilizing flexible honeycomb structures that can expand, contract, and flex to form a sculptural space or seating topography, soft is an evolutionary, materials research driven exploration of possibilities. The elements of the soft collection have been designed to be used and re-used in a flexible and dynamic way, replacing the need for more costly and inflexible alternatives for partitioning and arranging space. Despite being made from simple lightweight sheets of humble materials such as paper and non-woven textiles, the honeycomb geometry, lends these structures high strength and flexible resilience, with an economy of material resource.

In particular, I am crushing on Molo’s softseating. Softseating is a series of seating elements in various materials and natural colours, all utilizing a honeycomb structure to fan open into stools, benches, and loungers. Each element of softseating has magnetic end panels, allowing an element to connect to itself, forming a cylindrical stool or low table, or to connect to other elements of the same size in series, creating long winding benches and endless possibilities for seating topographies. The beauty of these pieces is that they are sculptural abstract forms, each made from a single material, that can be used creatively and interchangeably as seating or low tables.

Live at NeoCon: Molo Design's SoftSeating

Live at NeoCon: Molo Design's SoftSeating

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