At Bklyn Designs: Wud Presents Pb-R

It’s rare that I find a material as unique as Wud’s Pb-R, created by local design talent Corey Springer. I was fortunate enough to spot this material at BKLYN DESIGNS this past weekend, and with hope might even convince my father to purchase a dining room set with Pb-R as its tabletop.

Pb-R Coffee Table. Designed by Corey Springer. Manufactured by Wud Furniture Design.

What is it exactly? Pb-R is a material process that involves encasing lead in a clear, smooth epoxy resin. The resulting surface has an industrial, yet delicate feel; it is incredibly smooth, and is additionally scratch, heat, and stain resistant. In laymen terms, it’s handsome, sleek, and indestructible. Corey Springer explains, “at first glance, Pb-R appears to be a standard metal tabletop or inlay, but as you get closer and touch the surface, you realize that it is in fact a silky smooth and textured material.”

Pb-R was born out of the need to meld the artistic with the practical – to build a functional product that has universal appeal. Accordingly, it’s ideal for either residential or hospitality applications. It’s price-point speaks to that demographic: for smaller surfaces it’s priced at approximately $325-350 per linear foot, while larger surfaces are priced at approximately $225-$250 per square foot.

Unfortunately, it does not photograph all that well, or at least not well enough to mark it’s distinct physical qualities. The coffee table shown above provides as true an illustration as I am able to find. It happens to be a beautiful coffee table so it’s easy to appreciate this product all on its own, without notice of its surface.

I look forward to seeing how Pb-R is received by the design community. I expect it will quickly adopt more ambitious applications. This material somewhat feels wasted on a coffee table or desk because such items are often covered with paper, mail, and consumer artifacts (otherwise knowns as residential junk we’re all guilty of collecting). But Pb-R flooring or wall panels are both exciting prospects to hope for.

In the meantime, be sure to stop by Dovetail, a new restaurant located on the upper west side of New York City, where Wud Furniture Design is responsible for the walnut dining chairs, stools, and various dining tables.

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