At Bklyn Designs: Video Blog

I am extraordinarily proud to present our first video blog here at 3rings.

First, I’d very much like to thank Karen Auster, President of Auster* Events and Executive Show Producer for BKLYN DESIGNS, who graciously provided us with this opportunity to film and interview event exhibitors. I’d additionally like to thank Sarah Tihany, our beautiful and talented hostess for this video journey. And last, but not least, without whom this video blog could not be realized, Mr. Jonah Green, film editor for New York Magazine, my good friend, and now also a colleague. Jonah is responsible for everything you see – filming, editing, and music.

Thank you to all BKLYN DESIGNS exhibitors whom participated. A special thanks to John Nafziger and Sarah Strauss of BIGprototype, Dave Liatti of TwistTogether Company, Joey Roth of Sorapot, Marc Vecchiarelli of Vexell, Corey Springer of Wud Furniture Design, and last, our friends Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf of Uhuru. I’d like like to thank Nicholas Furrow Design, dVider, UM, Sinotique, and Site Specific Design, whose products are additionally featured in this video blog.

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