At Bklyn Designs: Re-surface Design

A colorful hip hop culture and concrete, graffiti-painted overpasses reflect the setting of the Brooklyn-based company, Re-surface Design. They bring it back to the old school – but that doesn’t necessarily mean Public Enemy lyrics making a comeback – it’s flanking the ever-changing facades of New York culture over lamp shades. Most recently, designer Donna Brady tags SOLO, a microphone pendant light, at the Bklyn Designs 2008.

Solo, pendant light. Designed by Re-surface Design.

A powerful re-collaboration of music and art, the microphone light fixture features a traditional mesh top. It easily drapes, hangs, or lays down flat while giving off a very subtle glow. Enough to inspire artists with its visual connection to rhymesayers and design enthusiasts past. Packaged in a wooden, foam-lined case, it comes with a 6 watt indicator light bulb and is powered by a 15 foot cord with rocker switch (located 4 feet from the plug). Priced at $236, the SOLO pendant light comes in 3 different colors: Modern (bronze/black), Star (white), and Classic (black).

At Bklyn Designs: Re-surface Design

Just as the SOLO pendant light accompanies the aspiring turntable DJ in us all, the other lamps and pillar candles in Re-surface Design‘s collection tap our inner artist. With the choice of up to nine different graffiti design-inspired prints, and priced between $15 and $350, the A-light, D-light, Hi-light, and More-light prove there is no excuse to drab fixtures.

Time to re-surface by officially getting lit.

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