At ICFF: Raft Daybed by Yothaka

If you’re winding your way through the labyrinthine halls of ICFF, and you find you need a break – perhaps you’re threatening to develop claustrophobia or demophobia – then get out the floor plan and make your way to Yothaka, where you’ll find the Raft Daybed.

Marked by a simple and subtle curve that hugs the floor, the Raft will provide you with a much needed rest. There you might let the ergonomic deign soothe your racing thoughts – perhaps Asian calm will seep into your bones. The daybed not only looks like an undulating wave, but also it should call to mind the rivers and lakes of Southeast Asia, where the water hyacinth with which the daybed is constructed originates.

Raft Daybed. Designed by Yothaka.

As Yothaka explains, the water hyacinth “is a tropical water weed with spongy texture.” Don’t imagine this weed is brown and waxy, however; it’s quite lovely, producing periwinkle flowers, each with a little yellow spot. So their trash (the weed pollutes waterways) is your treasure! While you’re drifting off to sleep, you might take pleasure in the Raft Daybed’s simplicity. If you suffer from textophobia, then this is the daybed for you: it has no cover, no mattress, no cushions—in short, no fabric. Should you be visiting the ICFF with a lady in tow, be aware that the Raft can act as a lovely fainting couch. If your lady friend has asthenophobia (that very Victorian fear of fainting), then tell her the Raft is awaiting her swoon.

Yothaka’s Daybed is big too—one furniture retailer calls it “a very generous daybed of exceptional proportions,” which makes it sound fit for a giantess (size: 231 cm x 127 cm x 38 cm). The Raft is available in natural, chocolate, and charcoal. A fear of narrow, crowded, rigidly geometric floor plans has yet to be diagnosed, but if you think this is your ailment, then relax over at Yothaka, where the Raft Daybed is an oasis.

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