At Salone: Search Table

Be it Instant Gratification, Instant Coffee or even Instant Karma, the simple truth is that everything being so instantaneous these days makes it harder to retain what we come across. As 21st century dwellers we have the world at our fingertips (metaphorically speaking) and access to all sorts of answers courtesy the Internet. Type, Search, Click , Access and Forget have become synonymous with our cyber regime and the majority of us are quite exultant in this little cocoon.

Search Table. Designed by Prof. Ezri Tarazi.

Israeli industrial designer and educator Prof. Ezri Tarazi is an exception to the rule and his Search Table exemplifies the interplay between the growing proliferation of individual Web sites and their actual assimilation. The seed for the Search Table lies in the perennial inflow of information that one is privy to day and night courtesy of search engines. For many, search engines are the absolute fixtures in their interconnections and hence have managed to attain an unparalleled importance in one's cyber existence.

At Salone: Search Table

Tarazi on typing the word "table" in Google was bombarded with a cornucopia of results and instead of sifting through them, he decided to take an alternative route. The digital images were consequently “sawn” to flat surfaces and printed directly upon an aluminum plate to create a structure reminiscent of a table. Pure genius if you ask me.

It is quite riveting to see when something as insubstantial as a search query leads to a structure of work and takes form. I find the table visually striking and rambunctious as it weaves a surrealistic paradoxical m©lange that is cacophonous yet deliberated. The Search Table is an exuberant assemblage of technology, human thought process, architecture and even fortuitous ingenuity.

The Search Table is currently being exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2008 and we recommend not giving it a miss.

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