At Salone: Corian loves Missoni

Hello world! Have you ever had a hot and passionate love affair with an Italian?

Perhaps some of you are thinking, "That's none of your business!" Others are asking "How did you find out? I didn't even tell my best friend." And of course there are those racking their brains wondering "Do I even know any Italians to have an affair with?" For the latter – I say, "Grab your passport and book a flight to Milan!" You are in for the best month-long love affair of your life. There is not only one Italian lover awaiting you - but an entire Italian city willing to share a passion for design, fashion, art, food and wine. After all, it is Milan's I Saloni: the month-long international design fair comprised of numerous exhibitions – guaranteed to make you fall in love with all things Italian.

The “Ball of Yarn” at Corian loves Missoni.

I Saloni represents the Italian lifestyle: the convergence of design, fashion and art - where all three become intertwined and completely indistinguishable from the other. Interestingly, the amazing art and design that you will encounter at the Rho fair grounds has a tendency to overflow their structures and infiltrate even the remotest parts of Milan.

The hotel room you awake to, will undoubtedly be the masterpiece of one of Italy's most prominent designers. The caf© where you pick up your morning espresso will display the artwork of some unknown (yet emerging) young artist. The people you casually pass on the streets will be dressed to the nines in wearable art; commonly referred to as Haute Couture. When you step out into a courtyard for a breath of fresh air, you may notice that the meticulously manicured lawns now serve as backdrops for some of the world's most renowned sculptors. So when you find yourself arbitrarily roaming the streets of Milan (preferably with gelato in hand), be sure to stop off at via san Nicolao 4; the Corian Design - Milano Store.

At Salone: Corian loves Missoni

At first glance, it may look a little intimidating. But "quit staring at the showroom door and just open it!" You are about to experience the uninhibited collaboration of a notorious Italian fashion designer and an iconic American design material manufacturer: CORIAN loves MISSONI. This little "loft-style apartment" project extends over two floors of the Corian Store and features a 2m high "Spool" of thread and 2m "Ball of Yarn" within the entry (have you seen the Kitty that plays with this ball of yarn?) The flooring that accommodates these two "larger than life" sculptural objects is the culmination of a partnership with Listone Giordano to produce an amazing two-layer framework flooring system.

As you navigate past the reception entry and into the side gallery, you will soon discover the true meaning of the term "seductive curve". The Missoni "Onda" pattern has been delicately carved into several translucent Corian cube stools and then internally backlit by Artemide. These curves are so sumptuous that they leave a Victoria's Secret push-up bra wanting more lift.

The kitchen and dining area are sure to keep your pulse racing once you set eyes on Rosita Missoni's Chandelier suspended above the dining table. The table itself is entirely composed of Corian and is emblazoned with a signature black and white pattern called "Bolt" by Missoni.

At Salone: Corian loves Missoni

Right now you are probably thinking "I could really use a cold shower!" No worries. Corian is very accommodating. They have outfitted an entire bath suite with fixtures for your personal use. Mind you, these are no ordinary fixtures. The PHC cylindrical vanities by Boffi feature the uber fresh "Estelle" pattern by Missoni. This pattern is also reflected in the shower enclosure and is guaranteed to leave you dripping wet.

As for the rest of the loft, practically every surface is comprised of Corian and embellished with those breathtaking patterns in colorations that only Missoni could conceive. And now we know precisely why Corian loves Missoni. So . . . are you in love with Italy yet?

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