Sensitively Sensitile

Yes, I like to play. Sometimes my inner child screams "I need Silly Putty!" So imagine my delight when I discovered you sitting on the floor of the Brayton International showroom.

Honestly, I didn't notice you when I first walked in because you were hidden beneath that vase of flowers. And after two long days of navigating the showrooms at the Merchandise Mart (not to mention the late nights spent bar hopping with friends); I was simply in search of a place to kick back, if just for a few moments, and relax.

Scintilla collection. Manufactured by SensiTile.

As I reached over to place my adult beverage on you, I noticed this erratic movement of light that followed my hand. After setting my glass down, I started to wave my hand around in circles and you mimicked my every move with your little sparkles. "This was fun", I thought to myself. "I need more space to play", and with that I placed the vase of flowers on the floor.


Trees tables. Designed by Norman Diekman. Manufactured by Brayton International.

I think I was in the process of making animal heads with my fingers when Stephano, a handsome gent in a three-piece suit hired to be congenial and sell to us finicky young designers, began explaining "This wonderful Trees Table that you are playing with is designed by Norman Diekman and made of Sensitile; a propriety micro-concrete mix within which a light-conducting fiber-optic like matrix is embedded. SensiTile Terrazzo blends the durability of concrete with the latest in optical technology." (Wow! Give Stephano a promotion. He's not only hot - he knows his stuff.) "Sensitile is the name of the company that manufactures three lines of products: Scentilla, Terrazzo and Jali. This table happens to be from the Terrazzo line"

So my new found object of desire has friends? "You must be my new entertainment for the evening?"

"Excuse me?" says a confused Stephano.

"Not you Stephano - the table!"

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