Romancing the Wall

Plain and Ordinary Wall: I’ve met someone new. I think I’ve met my true love - Modular Arts.

Over time, you have become quite boring and complacent even though I have tried countless times to perk you up with paint. My new love doesn't require the services of Benjamin and Moore to look stunning and fabulous. I have tried dressing you in Type II wallcovering to give you a more sophisticated and charming look; only to have been left disappointed and embarrassed by paneling and exposed seams. I even went so far as to smother you in all those plasters from Venice in a botched attempt to make you look younger and richer than you really are.

Truthfully, Modular Arts comes packed with so much more charm and sex appeal - something that has desperately been lacking in our relationship. My new found love also comes in 16 different styles - one for each of my ever changing moods. (You did imply that I was just another high maintenance designer that was never satisfied).


Installation photo from 28 Degrees in Boston, MA. Manufactured by modularArts.

It’s not your fault - it's mine. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of Modular Arts ever since we were introduced in an online chat room. Fine! Fine! I have been cheating on you! I used “Dune” by Modular Arts on my last bank project. What can I say? It was awesome. It was so much more fulfilling than it has ever been with you. At first sight, people actually had more to say than “nice color”. Some were even speechless. Others want to know where they can find their own. I just tell them that “sexy, single and straight 32″ panels are hard to come by”.

Plain and Ordinary Wall, I know that we have had a long and sometimes tumultuous relationship. Perhaps it's best that we just stay friends…

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